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Why are my labels in an output PDF report being truncated?
Several things might be causing this problem. First check to see if the report will print on another printer. Itís been reported that this problem occurs on a Xerox Docucenter 440ST. If it does, there may be a problem with the print driver.

If you are trying to print using Adobe Acrobat, make sure that the image is not being modified by the viewer when it prints. In Acrobat 6.x, on the File/Print screen set Page Scaling to none, Auto Rotate to no, and Choose Paper Source to yes. Set the "Bitmap" ("Image" in English?) option under the Advanced button on the bottom-right of the Adobe print screen.

Also ensure that the form definition is defined and allows enough Ďgridí space for the elements on the output page.


Bruce Johnston Jan 12, '04:
wrt the Xerox driver, the problem was only appearing for right-justified label widgets but was there regardless of whether a PCL or PS driver was used.
Have a care when changing the drivers for experimentation. I tried the latest and greatest and it reverted to a previous bug in which white space in fixed-space fonts was being calculated as zero which really messed thigns up.
Note that printing as Image or Bitmap will be slower but only really noticable in slower LAN/WAN connections to the printer since each page can be a couple of Mb vs. the KB range for native .pdf requests.
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2004-Jan-16 2:40pm
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