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Input Processes
FAQ's relating to the design of Input Processes.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) How can I scale a picture on an Input screen?
(Answer) How to add a second image to a frame in an input process
(Answer) Message “Scrolling Frame Must Precede All Interactive Frames”
(Answer) How to have a scrolling input process display in-progress messages?
(Answer) Display spaces instead of MM/DD/CCYY on an input screen which is inquiry only
(Answer) Can my scrolling input refresh itself when a record is added or deleted?
(Answer) Can I use different image sizes in my scrolling input?
(Answer) How do I create a dynamically sized scrolling input?
(Answer) When using the PICTURE command I get Load Error!
(Answer) How to set button (widget) colors!
(Answer) How to print tech doc for GUI input processes?
(Answer) How to get information about why the --- SEND FILE TO CLIENT subroutine failed?
(Answer) How can I dynamically apply Special Characteristics (Underline, Bold, Inverse Video)
(Answer) What’s PreDisplay/Verify for?
(Answer) How to display the HELP text for the current Menu?
(Answer) How do you create dynamic screen titlebar text with ILF?
(Answer) What are the rules for non-positive widget positions within an image?
(Answer) How do I stop APPX from automatically displaying the next record during INQUIRY.
(Answer) How can I make a constrained field editable?
(Answer) Which fields in the --- WIDGET file correspond to the GUI attr. input fields?
(Answer) When I go into an Input screen with Optional Children exceeding option number 130 - options 1 through 30 are not there.
(Answer) Word wrapping on multi-line text fields.
(Answer) Is it possible to make the cursor on APPX thicker or more visible?
(Answer) How to blank out or make invisible a Field on an Image
(Answer) Optional frame may result in infinite loop
(Answer) How To Add a Picture to an input process

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