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How to print duplex, print on front and back of each page
For occasionally printing in duplex mode, you can put -interactive into the Form or Printer Control string. This calls up the printer driver's interactive setup screen (just like Word's File; Print; Properties screen). You should be able to set front/back printing there.

If you need to hard code it in the body of your output file with escape/hex codes, you must turn on the -raw flag in the Form or Printer Control string.

WARNING: Winprint interfaces to the printer's printer driver. Some printer drivers don't honor '-raw' pass through of hex codes. The only way to find out is to try it.

Bruce Johnston Jan 14, '04: Under Unique things are easier to manage, Go down to the formfont directory and look for files named "formname.printermake" as in "136.HP" and inside you should see something like Duplex=1 or Duplex=2 The first results in long-edge binding the second in short-edge binding.
Always back things up first.
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2004-Jan-15 8:54am
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