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Other Application Design Questions
FAQ's relating to APPX Application Design that don't fit into an existing category.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) Commonly used APPX Abbreviations
(Answer) What should the field "CDF Path & File" on the Comma Delimited Update screen contain?
(Answer) Are there reserved words in APPX?
(Answer) What is an event point?
(Answer) ILF Statements missing on the cross reference selection screen!
(Answer) Why donít icons print in tech doc?
(Answer) Can I change the key of a file while in a BEG / END READ loop?
(Answer) How does the pivot year logic work?
(Answer) File-Level Event Point Modes
(Answer) Can a button with a picture be resized using APPX software alone?
(Answer) Where do digital image files reside?
(Answer) Where do we get digital images from?
(Answer) What is "Point Size"?
(Answer) What is the 0LC application?
(Answer) Can we create widgets at run time dynamically?
(Answer) Has APPX ever considered to introducing field level event points?
(Answer) Can I tell which event point I am in for appropriate processing my a generalized subroutine?
(Answer) Is possible to read the design files 0AD PROCESS, 0AD CHILD, 0AD WIDGET etc. of the current application?
(Answer) Report writer.
(Answer) How to convert an array to scalar data.
(Answer) Direct process doesnít work, causes system internal error. The process works okay when I option 99 in design mode.
(Answer) What image file formats are supported in PDF documents created within APPX?
(Answer) Debugging PDF Output Problems
(Answer) How do I change widget properties on a hooked 0LC DISPOSITION screen.
(Answer) Is there an existing utility to list Named Resources?
(Answer) Will a automatic child process run if auto update is set to "Y", even if include children = No
(Answer) I am trying to do a BEG READ/END READ, which nests a BEG READ/END READ on the same file
(Answer) Recording Macros on Unix
(Answer) I am trying to start appx from a DOS command line and getting BI.C error
(Answer) I have a subroutine in an application and I am trying to hook it to a different one and it does not work
(Answer) Does APPX has something equivalent to WHERE LIKE "%123&"?
(Answer) I am trying to change my named resource for wallpaper, but all i am getting is a small image in the corner instead
(Answer) What does the new GUI attribute "Shrink To Fit Content" do?
(Answer) Print Setup on the Java Client
(Answer) What is the difference between --- MODE and --- INTERACTIVE PHASE?

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