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Is the documentation for the CNV TEXT statement wrong regarding the use of occurrence "000"?
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In Chapter 4-6: ILF Keyword Reference <CNV TEXT> of the designer manual, under CNV TEXT, it says:

    ••••• CNV TEXT ••• •••••••••••••••••••••• ••• =  ••• •••••••••••••••••••••• •••
    (1)            (2) (3)                    (4)    (5) (6)                    (7)

(1) T/F execution conditions

(5) Source application ID

(2) Destination application ID

(6) Source field name, PDF, or constant

(3) Destination field name or PDF

(7) Source occurrence (constant/index)

(4) Destination occ (constant/index)



When all occurrences of the sending field are selected as the CNV TEXT data (by entering occurrence number 000), all occurrences are treated as a single, rectangular alpha field. When the data is copied from the sending field, a check is made to ensure that soft spaces are compressed, ensuring that the next “word” is separated from the previous one by just one space.

... should the first "sending field" text instead be Destination field?  


With respect to the second one, the ILF editor that lets you set it up appears to be broken.   It won't take an occurrences of "000" on the RHS (Source side), it just disappears, and is treated normally (as if it were '1').   The '000' CNV TEXT spec only works on the LHS (Destination)...


Unless both the LHS and RHS fields are multi-occurrence.  In which case the ILF editor will accept 000 for the RHS occurrence.


There's something I'm not understanding here.


The documentation is correct. The ILF editor has a bug that prevents this statement from being used as documented.
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2003-May-12 5:37am
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