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How many times does Post-PCF Read FLEP fire?
I have an update/query combination in a job. While stepping thru the code, I noticed that APPX ran thru the Post PCF Read FLEP 4 times for the first record (it may do it for every record, but my test only had one record in it). Is there some reason for this?

A query process returns every detail record once. If a PCF record triggers a range-start, it's returned twice. If a PCF record triggers two range-starts, it's returned three times (and so on). The same is true if a record triggers a range end.
So, detail records are processed once and range-start/range-end records are processed more than once.

A range start happens when you've sorted the PCF and Appx finds a new value in one of the sort keys. Just because you don't have a frame that executes at that range boundary doesn't mean that the range doesn't exist.
In other words, we detect the range start and range end boundaries regardless of whether your have range start and range end frames. Remember, you can use the same query invocation with multiple outputs.
If you remove all of the sorts, you'll still see two extra Post PCF Reads (for the unbounded range).
Appx isn't physically reading the record for each range boundary - it's just reporting the state change (by invoking the Post PCF Read).
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2006-Mar-13 2:41pm
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