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I am trying to PASTE a statement into the ILF editor, but it put "**" in the front of it and it looks miss-aligned. What did i do wrong?
When you PASTE a block of statements into the ILF editor, Appx tries to convert each line of text in the clipboard into a valid ILF statement. If it can't, it converts the offending text into a comment.
So, Appx doesn't like *something* about the statement you're trying to paste. The most likely problem is that the alignment of the fields is wrong (you have a space where you shouldn't have one or you don't have a space where you need one).
If you've copied the IF DIFF statement from another event point, that's not likely to be the problem. Instead, it may be that the operands won't convert properly in the context that you're pasting in to.
Next time it fails, you might try pasting into an empty subroutine just to see if that work.
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2005-Apr-19 3:31pm
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