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Does APPX has something equivalent to WHERE LIKE "%123&"?
Actually, the RI and RS operators are (almost exactly) like the LIKE operator.
When you code an IF, AND, or OR statement (or you fill in a query record
constraint), you can compare a field against a regular expression. RI matches
against a regular expression, ignoring differences in case. RS matches against
regular expression, sensitive to differences in case.
When you execute an IF/AND/OR statement that uses an RS or RI operator, Appx
sets TEXT AT POSITION to point at the beginning of the match (assuming that the
IF statement returns 'T').
So you could:
        IF   XYZ  FOO      RS  .*123.
Since we don't allow RS or RI in BEG/END AT statements, you still have to read
through the whole file (unless you can come up with some other constraint).
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2005-Dec-06 1:24pm
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