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Can I store my reports with my other applications?
The installation instructions have me create a new application and database for the Report Writer. Can I override this and use my existing application and database?
Appx Software highly recommends that you follow the instructions as written and create a separate application and database for the APPX Report Writer. Remember, the Report Writer is an application written in Appx, just like your own application, and is subject to the same rules and constraints as your applications.

If you have payroll and general ledger applications you would not consider having both stored in a single application or database. You may share information between the two, but would keep them separate. Think of the Report Writer as another application which gets its information from other databases. As it is less confusing to keep the payroll and general ledger as separate applications, it is also less confusing to keep the Report Writer as a separate application.

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2003-Nov-13 9:38am
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