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How can I show my users a progress message?
There are three ways to show an in progress message so the user knows the process has not hung.

The first, and simplest, is the APPX_SHOW_PROGRESS environment variable. Setting this variable with a value to 1 when APPX is started will cause APPX to display the record counts for selection and processing in queries, update, and outputs. The message is displayed on the status line at the bottom of the APPX screen. The count will display starting at 1 and then changing the frequency of the display as the count increases. It starts at 1, then every 10, then every 100, then every 1000, etc. as the file is processed.

Method two is the REFRESH command. If you would like more control over the display you can issue a REFRESH command based on your own calculations. The REFRESH command will display your message on the status line at the time the command is executed.
The third method is to execute an input from ILF code during the processing of the update. If you would like to display a pop-up style message you can issue an INPUT command based on your count. Make sure the input is display only so that it will not wait for user intervention to continue and set the frame’s End Disposition in Additional Attributes to HOLD so that the screen will remain after execution returns to the update.
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2003-Nov-21 3:59pm
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