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Connect to 2 Oracle instances simultaneously?
Can an APPX application accesses files residing in two different Oracle instances (two different ORACLE_SID)?
=> When you use an Oracle client, there exists a set of Oracle defined environment variables that let you select the desired instance. You can run an Oracle shell script 'oraenv', it will ask you a couple of questions, and set the environment variables accordingly.

Or, you can use the APPX_ORACLE_CONNECT environment variable in an Appx startup script. It passes a standard Oracle Connect string to Oracle.

If you're running APPX/Server, you can't dynamically change environment variables for each client coming in, so you must set up a separate APPX/Server port# for each set of instance-specifying environment variables under which you want your users to run.

See also (Xref) I can't connect to a second instance of the database (Sybase, Oracle, etc.)

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2004-Apr-06 4:00pm
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