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Commonly used APPX Abbreviations
APPX      Application Excellence

AA        Additional Attributes
AC        Automatic Child Process
APPXPATH  Default directory location for APPX applications and data
CC        Child Constraint
CDF       Comma Delimited File
DD        Data Dictionary
DLU       Data Look Up
EM        Executable Module
EP        Event Point
FLEP      File Level Event Point
FMS       File Management System
GUI       Graphical User Interface
ILF       Integrated Language Facility 
LFN       Logical File Name (If you use symbolic links or the "Use DB" feature,
          many logical file names can map to the same physical file.  
          A logical file name is (roughly) an application ID + database ID + filename) 
OC        Optional Child Process
PCF       Process Control File
PDF       Pre-Defined Field
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