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How to print tech doc for GUI input processes?
RC1 of APPX 4.2.0 includes the ability to print Tech Doc for GUI input processes.
GUI Tech Doc now requires a minimum form width of 96 printable characters instead of the 80 character width that was previously used. However, if you define a form with a wider width (such as 120) then you will find that the screen image will be printed without splitting it into two parts. This will be especially useful for those of you who are designing input screens with a size of 28x110. The screen image will also be more accurately depicted if it does not need to be split into two parts to be printed.
Input process tech doc also includes complete documentation for all widgets that are defined in the input process and a rendition of the screen that closely resembles what you see at design time.
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2003-Dec-26 2:03pm
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