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How To Add a Picture to an input process
You can use PRODUCT file input in 1EX application as an example. Make sure you have a little room to the right of the boxes on the input. We can use that area to add a picture of the product to the screen so that the order entry clerks can see what they are working with.
With buttons, labels, and picture widgets we used icons and images that are constant. The same image appears on the screen every time it is displayed. With the product input we will want to have a different picture displayed for each product.
This is accomplished by adding a field to the PRODUCT file to store the name of the image and using GUI attributes to tell APPX where the picture is located. You can add the alpha field to the screen and define it as a picture type (in Object Properties).
Add an alpha field to the PRODUCT file. It should be large enough to contain the name, or path and name, for the image. In this case we will not need a large field since the names we will be using are short. Donít forget to restructure the PRODUCT file.
Add the new field to the PRODUCT input in two places. One entry will be the text field so that the image name can be entered. The second will be the location you want the picture displayed. That field should be non-modifiable and should have the rows and columns set to cover an area large enough for the image. In this exercise make the field fit into the area to the right of the data by inserting the image and using the size handles to drag it out. You may need to adjust the size after running a test.
On the second field, pull up the GUI properties screen and select the picture control. Set the location to DESIGN FILE. We will use a couple of existing images. In real life you would probably have a central repository on the server and would point to SERVER FILE.
That is it. We should be able to run the PRODUCT input and select an item in change mode. Enter image name in the modifiable product picture location field. The image should display in the second field.
The images are loaded into cache in memory when first displayed in order to keep from downloading the image each time it is displayed. Sometimes the cache does not clear when an image is entered incorrectly the first time. You may need to exit APPX and get back in if the name was entered incorrectly the first time.

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