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How to embed an image on an output?
If you'd like to embed an image (i.e. company logo) at the PAGE-START of the output, you need to do following:
1. Design transfer STANDARD PAGE HEADING output from 0LC to your application.
2. Modify STANDARD PAGE HEADING to include following code:
   RESTORE  --- WIDGET                     DEFAULT RECORD
      SET      --- WIDGET PARENT TYPE         =      WIDGET
      SET      --- WIDGET WIDGET TYPE         =      PICTURE
      SET      --- WIDGET POSITION ROW        =      1
      SET      --- WIDGET POSITION COLUMN     =      2
      SET      --- WIDGET LOC OFFSET COL      =      -100
      SET      --- WIDGET SIZE ROWS           =      3
      SET      --- WIDGET SIZE COLUMNS        =      15
      SET      --- WIDGET RESOURCE TYPE       =      RESOURCE
      SET      --- WIDGET RESOURCE NAME       =      <your resource name>
      SET      --- WIDGET RESOURCE AP         =      <your app>
      SET      --- WIDGET TEXT POS HORIZ      =
      SET      --- WIDGET TEXT POS VERT       =
      SET      --- WIDGET TILING MODE         =      TILE
      WRITE    --- WIDGET                 FAIL 0
This code needs to go right before the very last statement of the STANDARD PAGE HEADING, which is
3. You need to go to the System Administration Menu --> System Setup --> Hook records and hook your process.
4. You have to have resource defined. We recommend to have your mage on the server. Your image can be .png, .gif or .jpeg. Some image types can be more restrictive than the other's, so try it with different types and see which one works the best (.jpeg should almost always work).
Remember, that this will work with PDF outputs only and you have to run Java client.
If you want picture displayed anywhere on your image, you need to have a WIDGET defined as PICTURE, give it location type and Resource Name. Make sure you have Resource defined.
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2005-Mar-08 2:33pm
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