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Output Processes
FAQ's relating to the design of APPX Output Processes.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) How do I keep an Output from automatically printing Grand Totals?
(Answer) Can I print a date in Julian format?
(Answer) When I add rows at the frame level the rows on the image do not change.
(Answer) Does APPX support printing a bar code on an output form?
(Answer) How to get a setup grid on a PDF report?
(Answer) How to format a date to automatically display day of week or month of year!
(Answer) Can I format the date on automatic OUTPUT header(s)?
(Answer) Why are my labels in an output PDF report being truncated?
(Answer) How do I pass 'ESCape' sequences to my printer?
(Answer) How to print duplex, print on front and back of each page
(Answer) How to program an exception report, example of ALTERNATE IMAGE NUMBER
(Answer) Can GRAND TOTAL be controlled via ILF
(Answer) Additional help on PDF layout options
(Answer) Now that I can generate PDF files from APPX, how can I get the PDF to display as such in a browser?
(Answer) What is the best format to print a logo, images?
(Answer) We need to be able to use a specific font to support an OCR scan line
(Answer) HTML tags that can be used within a text field that is to be displayed with an HTML Viewer widget type via the APPX client.
(Answer) Can I print an OCR font in a PDF document?
(Answer) How to embed an image on an output?
(Answer) I have upgraded to 4.2.6 recently and now my PDF output text is shifted
(Answer) Is there a limit to the number of lines PAGE-END can have?
(Answer) HTML in PDF Documents
(Answer) How to create a PDF Form Overlay.

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