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How do I pass 'ESCape' sequences to my printer?
The ILF code ...

         CNV BIN  --- TEMP 1           = 27

 ... puts an "ESC" Escape character (hex(1b)) into TEMP 1.  You can then SET
this into an Alpha field, append other control codes as necessary, then embed
Alpha fields constructed in this manner in our OUTPUT report.

 ('ESCape' = Hex(1b) = 16 + 11 = decimal(27).)

See the ILF manual on the CNV BIN verb, for more detail on how it works. > Support > Manuals > Application Design > Search > CNV BIN

On APPX/Windows platforms, you'll need to send a 'Form Control' of "-raw", in
order to tell the Windows Print Spooler not to filter out your escape codes.

WARNING:  Winprint interfaces to the printer's printer driver.  Some printer
drivers don't honor '-raw' pass through of hex codes.  The only way to find 
out is to try it.
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2004-Jan-02 10:48am
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