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Recording Macros on Unix
This is APPX 4.2.6 on AIX, connecting via telnet. They normally use Control-R to start recording, perform the keystrokes and then use Control-R to stop recording. APPX used to save the macro in a file called .appx_mac in the users home directory.
It doesn't do that anymore. They seem to be unable to record a macro at all, ie, they go thru the procedure to record it and immediately try to play it back, and it won't play back.
I have the following environmental variable set:
APPX_UI_LOG /tmp/uilog

You'll need to change two things: unset APPX_UI_LOG and write-protect $HOME/.appx_last.
.appx_last is an automatic APPX_SCRIPT_OUT. If you don't have APPX_SCRIPT_OUT defined, Appx logs keystrokes to $HOME/.appx_last (if that file is writable). It's there for debugging purposes.


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2005-Apr-06 9:45am
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