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Is it possible to suppress the binoculars on a field that has a DLU defined?
The APPX GUI Client automatically creates a binoculars icon that is attached to the right-hand side of any field that has a DLU (data look-up) defined. Is there any way to suppress this auto-GUI feature?
There isn't a design specification or runtime "preference" to control whether or not the APPX GUI Client appends the binocular icon to a data lookup (DLU) field. The client doesn't use an external picture file but rather has the binocular icon compiled into the Java code. This means that you cannot simply swap one icon file with another. However, APPX will only append the icon if there are two blank spaces immediately to the right of the DLU field. So, an indirect method of eliminating the icon would be to make sure that one of the two fields is not blank. Type a "." or "*" or place a MODIFIABLE field immediately to the right of the field to suppress the binoculars. If you had your own icon you wished to display or wanted to display the non-modifiable look up value (field), create that widget on the screen and then drag it over the "*".

While overriding this “standard behavior” is possible, there are serious program maintenance issues that should be considered.

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2007-Oct-05 5:00pm
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