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Tips & Techniques
Tips & Techniques relating to APPX design.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) How can my APPX process tell if a user is running the GUI client?
(Answer) Is it possible to suppress the binoculars on a field that has a DLU defined?
(Answer) How to build a UNIX script to run an APPX process (cron job).
(Answer) How to refresh parent screen after a child process.
(Answer) How do I send a file to a client PC and open the file with a client side App? (i.e. Excel)
(Answer) How can I import consecutive (flat) files into APPX?
(Answer) Checking return code after a Stream Write.
(Answer) How can I run a constrained input process via ILF?
(Answer) Is it possible to get APPX to automatically convert Gregorian date fields to Julian dates?
(Answer) How to determine IO mode (READ,WRITE,HOLD) within a FLEP
(Answer) How to create dynamic rollover tool-tips.
(Answer) How to play sounds.
(Answer) What is pdf "---ENTRY SELECTED PATH" used for?
(Answer) How do you create a vertical or horizontal line on an input image?
(Answer) How do I keep production applications from accidentally being changed?
(Answer) Scope of cached files!
(Answer) How data sharing is accomplished in APPX!
(Answer) What is the difference between file content and file stream?
(Answer) What does scope refer to?
(Answer) What is the scope of a work field?
(Answer) Can I change the date and time APPX uses for testing date/time sensitive applications?
(Answer) How can I read the USER list?
(Answer) How to make a negative sign appear in front of the number (instead of behind)
(Answer) How to display high ASCII characters.
(Answer) How to get User Security Codes using ILF.
(Answer) How to QUERY/INPUT via Cache!
(Answer) How to get the name of the Parent Process.
(Answer) GUI themes via ILF!
(Answer) Example of a random number generator using ILF!
(Answer) How to retrieve an occurrence number with ILF!
(Answer) How to see a trace of executed process
(Answer) Use of --- DEFAULT MODE
(Answer) How to determine a leap year!
(Answer) How can I position a widget exactly where I want it?
(Answer) Can we colorize the "auto gui" widgets by ILF in order to adapt them to color schemes?
(Answer) Help in debugging AppxIO
(Answer) How to put multiple of lines of text on a button or label widget.
(Answer) How to add pulldown menu entries with ILF
(Answer) How to close an external ASCII file (RT_CLOSE_STREAM)?
(Answer) How to read data to an external ASCII file (RT_READ_STREAM)?
(Answer) How to write data to an external ASCII file (RT_WRITE_STREAM)?
(Answer) How to open an external ASCII file (RT_OPEN_STREAM)?
(Answer) How to put APPX in sleep (pause) mode (RT_SLEEP)?
(Answer) How to get the current process parent name (RT_GET_PROC_NAM)?
(Answer) How to get the APPX runtime parameters (RT_GETPARAM)?
(Answer) How to get the environment variables (RT_GETENV)?
(Answer) Dynamic linking using the CALL statement.
(Answer) How to access APPX Query parameters.
(Answer) How do you call a window API function?
(Answer) How do you copy from one application database to another within APPX.
(Answer) How to display detailed data from a scrolling input.
(Answer) How to read EXCEL files from Appx.
(Answer) How do I search the electronic APPX manual(s) for multiple keywords?
(Answer) The underline character is not displayed under the shortcut letter!
(Answer) How to get printer friendly pages from the APPX web site.
(Answer) How do you run an os command and pipe the results through a stream read?
(Answer) Now that I can generate PDF files from APPX, how can I get the PDF to display as such in a browser?
(Answer) What is the correct Date Mask for: Apr 13 09:23:00 2004?
(Answer) Can Current Release of Appx support LDAP?
(Answer) How does LOCAL and RECEIVE statements work?
(Answer) Can i have environment variable APPX_41_EPS set while designing in 4.2?
(Answer) I noticed that all of a sudden i have Applications tab on my Java client. How did it get there and how to get rid of it?
(Answer) I have set my --- OPTION = END PARAGRAPH, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Why is that?
(Answer) I am trying to PASTE a statement into the ILF editor, but it put "**" in the front of it and it looks miss-aligned. What did i do wrong?
(Answer) Is there a way to get rid of the automatic drop down menus that appear on my GUI menus processes?
(Answer) Is there a way to get rid of the big red X (Cancel) and the green arrow (Return)?
(Answer) Is there a way to set child constraints on a data lookup field in an Input Process?
(Answer) How can I wait on Windows-systems without consuming CPU?
(Answer) I am using a --- STREAM WRITE call on a file that is > 2GB. It doesn't crash or return an error code, but it doesn't write to a file either
(Answer) When I execute SLEEP command from an Appx CALL i get the error 'You've CALL'ed C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\kernel32.dll,Sleep with the wrong calling convention'
(Answer) How can i set default values during data entry and make Appx remember them from one entry to the next one?
(Answer) Copying Files between Databases/Versions
(Answer) Adding new fileds with defualt values to an existent file
(Answer) I have an ALPHA field with a validation table, but it allows for any value to be entered, regardless of the validation table values
(Answer) What is the proper usage of --- STREAM READ LENGTH field?
(Answer) Can the STREAM READ look for the presence of the \r character as a record delimeter?
(Answer) The --- COMPARE file contains the fields that are different after an IF DIFF is executed. If a field has multiple occurances, how can I tell which occurance changed?
(Answer) How to create a PDF Form Overlay
(Answer) How to create an ASCII fixed length flat file using Appx
(Answer) Execution Cycle in Appx 4.2
(Answer) Under what circumstances you need to set NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS

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