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What image file formats are supported in PDF documents created within APPX?
Here are the image file types supported on PDF output;

PNG: PNG images which make use of interlacing,contain an alpha channel (which

      will be lost anyway - we don't support alpha channels in PNG files),or 
      have 16 bit color depth will have to be uncompressed.

JPEG: APPX supports baseline JPEG compression which accounts for the vast

      majority of JPEG images.  We also support progressive JPEG compression.
JPEG images can be packaged in several different file formats. We support all common JPEG file formats, and will read resolution information from the following types:
- JFIF,which is generated by a wide variety of imaging applications. - JPEG files written by Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe applications.

GIF: Due to restrictions in the compression schemes supported by the PDF file

      format, the entry in the GIF file called "LZW minimum code size" must 
      have a value of 8 bits.

      Unfortunately,there is no easy way to determine this value for a certain 
      GIF file. An image which contains more than 128 distinct color values 
      will always qualify (e.g.,a full 8-bit color palette with 256 entries). 
      Images with a smaller number of distinct colors may also work,but it is 
      difficult to tell in advance because graphics programs may use 8 bits or 
      less as LZW minimum code size in this case,and we may therefore reject 
      the image.

      The following trick which works in Adobe Photoshop and similar image 
      processing software is known to result in GIF images which are 

         load the GIF image,and change the image color mode from "indexed" 
         to "RGB". Now change the image color mode back to "indexed",and 
         choose a color palette with more than 128 entries (for example the 
         Mac or Windows system palette,or the Web palette).

      The image must not be interlaced.

TIFF: We support the following TIFF images:

      compression schemes: 
       - uncompressed 
         CCITT (group 3,group 4,and RLE) 
         ZIP (=Flate) 
         LZW (with restrictions) 
         PackBits (=RunLength) 
         other compression schemes are handled by uncompressing. 
         black and white 
            any alpha channel or mask which may be present in the file will be 

      TIFF files containing more than one image 

      Color depth must be 1,2,4,or 8 bits per color sample (this is a 
      requirement of PDF).

      Multi-strip TIFF images are converted to multiple images in the PDF 
      file which will visually exactly represent the original image,but can 
      be individually selected with Acrobat s TouchUp object tool. Multi-
      strip TIFF images can be converted to single-strip images with the 
      tiffcp command line tool which is part of the TIFFlib package. The 
      Image-Magick tool always writes single-strip TIFF images. Some TIFF 
      features (e.g.,CIEL*a*b*color space,JPEG compression)and certain 
      combinations of features (e.g.,LZW compression and alpha channel or 
      mask, LZW compression and tiling)are not supported. 

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