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Debugging PDF Output Problems

Define a PDF form and set "Print Grid" to "Y", then, define an environment variable named APPX_GRID_STYLE to control the grid settings. The default value for APPX_GRID_STYLE is 15 (decimal). To change the grid style, just add up any of the following numbers:
  1 - draw horizontal grid lines at grid boundaries
  2 - draw vertical grid lines at grid boundaries
  4 - label horizontal grid lines
  8 - label vertical grid lines
 16 - subdivide grid height into 1/10 intervals
 32 - subdivide grid width into 1/10 intervals
 64 - draw outlines around all widgets
So, the default APPX_GRID_STYLE gives you labeled horizontal and vertical grid lines (1 + 2 + 4 + 8 ) on every page.
APPX_GRID_STYLE=64 is very useful

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2004-May-26 4:17pm
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