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How do I change widget properties on a hooked 0LC DISPOSITION screen.
I decided to try to create my own disposition screen so that it would have the same GUI attributes found throughout the rest of my system.

I design-transferred the 0LC input DISPOSITION and started to work with it when I noticed something strange. The GUI attributes which are already there by default do not show up. It behaves as if the client has its GUI Interface option turned off. Yet when I change the Window Properties for the image (to change the background color), those changes are applied.

In Pre-Display of the images of the DISPOSITION input process you will see a GOSUB to --- APPLY RUNTIME GUI THEME. This is using ILF code to modify the widgets on the screen. If you remove this, it will stop messing with your widget changes on this screen.
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2004-Jul-09 4:54pm
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