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Data Dictionary
FAQ's relating to the use of the APPX Data Dictionary.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) How many fields can be defined for a file in the Data Dictionary?
(Answer) I changed the alignment of the field from left to right but the sorting remains the same, why?
(Answer) Can I invoke another process in a FLEP?
(Answer) FLEPís may not execute when the cache priority it set to 1.
(Answer) What is the scope of a FLEP?
(Answer) Can I pass information into a FLEP?
(Answer) How many times does Post-PCF Read FLEP fire?
(Answer) Do many duplicate keys decrease the performance?
(Answer) Can ERROR statement be used in FLEP's?
(Answer) FLEP questions
(Answer) I want to delete fields from a file in my DD, but those fields contain data, should i delete the data first?
(Answer) I added a new value to a validation table and itís not listed at run-time, why?

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