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APPX System Administration
FAQ's relating to the use of the APPX System Administration application.

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(Answer) What rule does APPX / Oracle interface use to decide when a field will be "char" vs "varchar".
(Answer) Oracle import performance issues.
(Answer) How to import dates from APPX to Oracle.
(Answer) Why is my RDBMS import so slow?
(Answer) What is a security profile?
(Answer) Cannot see the Oracle database?
(Answer) --- COMMIT MODE PDF hierarchy!
(Answer) How to incorporate COMMIT & ROLLBACK into APPX code!
(Answer) What are the APPX invocation switches?
(Answer) Commit parameter doesn’t seem to work?
(Answer) How to connect Appx to Oracle.
(Answer) Can I run different releases of APPX on the same server?
(Answer) Why is APPX building the EM’s every time?
(Answer) WinSQL: APPX ODBC debug utility.
(Answer) How to track “Record Held by Another User"
(Answer) How APPX License counts WS's
(Answer) How to reprint a print file?
(Answer) Message: "Building Dynamic Index"
(Answer) Oracle-Store blanks, not NULL !
(Answer) Where is Java/Client cache?
(Answer) Importing big Oracle tables!
(Answer) What is my AppxODBC version?
(Answer) How to use recover.exe!
(Answer) Message, “Can't access named resources”!
(Answer) AppxODBC & Appx Security
(Answer) Can I reserve an application lock?
(Answer) Which Windows version are we?
(Answer) Message; “Invalid Native File Management System”
(Answer) File fragmentation.
(Answer) Printing to a printer produces blank pages.
(Answer) APPX.EXE process is consuming 95%
(Answer) The command-line "kill" too time-consuming and error-prone. Is there a better alternative?
(Answer) How can I determine which APPX.EXE processes on my server are orphans?
(Answer) All of my users except for one have gone home for the night, and I am sure they have turned off their PC's. I still see three (or four, or ten) APPX.EXE processes in the server's task list. Why are they there?
(Answer) A user just called me to say that her APPX Client window just disappeared, or there was a power outage or system malfunction, that caused their APPX Client session to end unexpectedly. Do I need to do anything?
(Answer) How do I manually kill an APPX server process?
(Answer) The user process is hung, and I haven't been able to resolve the problem, so I need to kill that client/server session. How do I do that?
(Answer) What should I do when a users APPX session is hung?
(Answer) What can I do if WinAppxD gets stuck regularly?
(Answer) When might I want to stop and restart WinAppxD (either with, or without, a reboot)?
(Answer) Is it safe to stop WinAppxD, if I'm going to need to restart it again without rebooting my server?
(Answer) How do I stop WinAppxD?
(Answer) How do I start WinAppxD?
(Answer) How can I verify that WinAppxD is running?
(Answer) What is WinAppxD, and what is it used for?
(Answer) Getting 'ps -ef' original UserID in Linux
(Answer) Information on Winprint 2.4
(Answer) How to Purge the USAGE File
(Answer) Does Winprint -width and -length work?
(Answer) Is there any special consideration that we should take in order to use Winprint?
(Answer) What is the relationship between winprint.exe and winprintdll.dll?
(Answer) Storing zero numeric values in SQL Server
(Answer) What are the zero apps?
(Answer) How do I start the license server?
(Answer) How to debug the license server
(Answer) How do I determine my server’s serial number required for registration with APPX?
(Answer) How to associate PDF output to enable printing in a windows environment.
(Answer) What different configurations of APPX/ODBC are supported?
(Answer) What software do I need on the data server in addition to APPX?
(Answer) APPX and ODBC information
(Answer) What kind of machines and network do I need for server and clients?
(Answer) Can I get a log of file activity using APPXIO?
(Answer) How do I verify all files in a database?
(Answer) How do I verify the file 'ORDER' in application 'AAA', database 'DDD'?
(Answer) How can APPX data file indexes become corrupt?
(Answer) When might I want to use APPXUTIL to check my file system?
(Answer) Where do I get APPXUTIL?
(Answer) Why does a user of APPX for Windows need APPXUTIL?
(Answer) What is APPXUTIL?
(Answer) What does it mean to 'verify' a data file?
(Answer) How do I script imports for windows using APPXUTIL?
(Answer) How do you diagnose strange or generic errors (such as bus errors, seg faults, attempting to free freed memory errors, or "an internal error has been detected" errors)?
(Answer) How do I see the APPX Process Stack?
(Answer) What is the APPX Process Stack?
(Answer) How to define the keyboard layout, (appx –k)
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) WinAppxD service is not running (Troubleshooting WinAppxD)
(Answer) Client login issues - Incorrect login (Troubleshooting WinAppxD)
(Answer) HASP not seen by APPX (Troubleshooting WinAppxD)
(Answer) Winprint won't print to my printer (Troubleshooting WinAppxD)
(Answer) Winprint won't print to printers that are not defined on my NT server (Troubleshooting WinAppxD)
(Answer) Getting an APPX Stack Trace / Disabling Dr. Watson (Troubleshooting WinAppxD)
(Answer) File analysis and recovery.
(Answer) How to move Appx files between platforms.
(Answer) How Appx spawns background tasks.
(Answer) How does executable module (EM) caching work?
(Answer) With APPX ODBC, files stored on the RS/6000 in APPXIO format, accessing the files from a PC using ODBC on the PC with a client like Access, what security is available? Can I use APPX internal security to control what databases/files/records/fields can be "seen" by the ODBC client?
(Answer) Where can I find the BugTracker system?
(Answer) How do you turn on/off AppxDSvc logging?
(Answer) What's the address of the site where we can download the email support archive?
(Answer) Are there any issues with HPUX 11.11 that we need to be concerned about?
(Answer) Excessive CPU utilization when client reboot’s PC.
(Answer) Is there a PDF for the record number in a consecutive file?
(Answer) "Recover"ing data into a consecutive file.
(Answer) I can't connect to a second instance of the database (Sybase, Oracle, etc.)
(Answer) Is it possible to create Indexes in the Dharma tables to improve speed? If yes then how?
(Answer) Is it possible to use specific names for the FIELDS in the Dharma Tables?
(Answer) Are there any tweaks to improve performance when retrieving data using the Dharma ODBC link?
(Answer) Is there a way to synchronize databases in APPXIO with databases kept in SQL Server?
(Answer) Can we update records in APPXIO files using SQL Statements from SQL Server?
(Answer) Is it possible to change the field names that are used by APPX/ODBC?
(Answer) French Characters in Oracle
(Answer) "mm free()-corrupted trailer"
(Answer) Is it safe to remove USAGE.dat and USAGE.key files?
(Answer) When do entries in USAGE.dat file gets removed?
(Answer) Can I export a registration key?
(Answer) In NT 4.0 I have a user named joe@my-company and when I upgrade the os to Win 2K Joe can’t logon. Why?
(Answer) I want to use Appx with SQL Server. Are there any known issues/performance issues?
(Answer) How do I print a query log?
(Answer) How can I move APPX data stored in an FMS group to SQLServer?
(Answer) Is the proxy database id "LOK:" still required when using SQLServer?
(Answer) How can i build up the FMS path for APPXIO data files?
(Answer) List of Environmental Variables
(Answer) Our developers wants to know if Appx has Dharma JDBC Driver?
(Answer) Is there an environment variable that records a log of the user interface?
(Answer) What is APPX_OLD_MODES variable for?
(Answer) Do record locks display when files are in RDBMS?
(Answer) Oracle 9i Performance issues
(Answer) I have an existent RDBMS table and i want to use Field Override feature in the FMS group settings, can i do that?
(Answer) Accessing 2 different schema's defined for 1 instance of Oracle
(Answer) What is the default field mapping for RDBMS?
(Answer) Known issue with SQL Server SP4
(Answer) Storing NULL/blank values in SQL files
(Answer) A Handy list of RDBMS commands for various RDBMS's
(Answer) How to get a list of the files in which your Appx session holds record locks?
(Answer) How can I produce an Appx Event Log?
(Answer) TCP Keep-alive registry entries
(Answer) Why is my sqlcmd log is truncated? In prior versions, I've seen logs with create table lines in excess of 3000 char?
(Answer) Oracle Instant Client and Appx
(Answer) Is Appx a multi-threaded Application? WIll it take advantage of multiple CPUs?
(Answer) How to set the APPX_SQL_CMD to obtain a log of RDBMS activity.
(Answer) How to read the APPX_SQL_CMD Log
(Answer) How to set the APPX_DBG_CODE to log specific RDBMS activity
(Answer) Which external DB still require the proxy database id "LOK" to be set?
(Answer) Orphan Session Detection and possible causes
(Answer) Where can i find information on your Language Translation?
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) Merge and Replace application data files with the Database Management Import utility.

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