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APPX Installation & Configuration
Questions relating to the installation and configuration of APPX on the various supported platforms.
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(Answer) How do I determine the CPU serial number on Linux platforms?
(Answer) How do I determine the CPU serial number on Unix platforms?
(Answer) How do I determine the CPU serial number on Windows platforms?
(Answer) What operating system versions are required to run APPX?
(Answer) Which TCP/IP ports are used by APPX?
(Answer) How do I upgrade APPX 3.5 or 4.0 to version 4.1?
(Answer) Where does APPX create temporary disk files?
(Answer) How to set up License Servers under Novell thick client.
(Answer) Appx Client/Server security considerations
(Answer) How do I setup an APPX/NET client?
(Answer) How to connect Appx to Oracle

(Answer) "bad portable file - non-blank character found between portable fields"
(Answer) How to install HASP on a windows system
(Answer) How to install HASP on a Unix/Linux system
(Answer) What is “xtra-gui”?
(Answer) Can I install APPX to a mapped drive?
(Answer) I am trying to connect to the APPX Demo server but get the message "Connection refused by host".
(Answer) What software do I need on the client PC in addition to APPX running the WinAppxD Daemon?
(Answer) How to install WinAppxD?
(Answer) Where at Microsoft are the instructions for that NT registry patch we need for installing WinAppxD?
(Answer) What special rights must be assigned to the account used to run the WinAppxD process?
(Answer) What do we need to do differently if installing WinAppxD on an NT 'member server' instead of on a PDC or BDC?
(Answer) I installed WinAppxD for the first time, and it isn't working, what now?
(Answer) How do I run two versions of WinAppxD in parallel?
(Answer) What environment variables must be set on the server?
(Answer) When installing APPX clients using WinAppxD, what do I need to know about the server?
(Answer) Can I keep the APPX client .exe file on a server and launch it from across the network on my clients?
(Answer) Winprint won't print to all or some of my printers. Help?
(Answer) What if my network includes more than one Windows NT domain?
(Answer) What special rights must be assigned to the user accounts which will access APPX via the GUI client, Java client or AppxODBC?
(Answer) What APPX-provided files are needed on client PC's?
(Answer) If the base 'Data' directory is immediately under the appx engine (as it almost always is), does anyone know of any reason one would want to use APPXPATH?
(Answer) After an upgrade of the system from 4.1.a to 4.2.3 there is no 0LC application. What's missing?
(Answer) I am preparing to upgrade to 4.2. The installation instructions suggest that I copy the License Key file so it can be imported in the version.
(Answer) What are required Windows rights for Appx ?
(Answer) What are required UNIX permissions for Appx 4.2.4?
(Answer) Setting HP-UX Kernel parameters
(Answer) Recommended system configuration for running APPX.
(Answer) Exporting and importing design files on different platforms.
(Answer) Emergency Registration for Supported Customers
(Answer) Is there a work around or environment variable that suppresses the "keep key" behavior?
(Answer) How to install Appx on a Cluster
(Answer) How to convert an HFS or Vxfs filesystem from a nolargefiles system to a largefiles system
(Answer) What is the environment variable for identifying the Ethernet adapter for the APPX serial number?
(Answer) I am trying to import a file to Oracle, but getting an error "File doesn't exist".
(Answer) How do I upgrade APPX 3.5 or 4.0 to version 4.2?
(Answer) What does Error message "Can't load Oracle dll (oci.dll)" mean?
(Answer) How to manually install Appx on Linux?
(Answer) I have Appx/Net going, but unable to scratch a file from the client side. Should i be able to?
(Answer) What does error message "Missing or invalid process definition record, 0LA subroutine SESSION (BEGIN)" mean?
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) How to set APPX_PIVOT_YEAR?
(Answer) When i try to login to Appx from my HP Notebook, i get an error "Negotitating GUI Interface" and it hangs

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